Friday, March 2, 2012

Variability of Ophrys lucis

Ophrys lucis is one of the most interesting orchids of Rhodes. For orchid lovers who wish to see this species in the field, Rhodes is the ideal place. Here one can see all possible variables of the species fairly easily from mid February to mid March in a variety of habitats. It is a rather rare species forming small populations mostly in the central parts of the island.
Today I present some photographs in order to show the variability of the species.

A typical Ophrys lucis. Loutanis valley 21-02-2012

Pink petals and sepals. Attaviros 24-03-2011

Very convexed lip. Kallithies 21-02-2012

Without side lobes. Loutanis valley 25-02-2012

Greenish petals and sepals. Colymbia 25-02-2012

I hope you enjoyed it!

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